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It had been her who had given Marina the courage to ask Scott out. There really wasn't any room for people to have fun or even get comfortable.

Scott did his best not to let his eyes wonder as he said. "I don't think there's any enjoyment to be had here," Marina replied. "Yeah unless there's another beach we can go to I think today is going to be a total bust." Natalie knew that there was another beach that they could all go to.

Now if you excuse me I'm taking my top off." In the blink of an eye Natalie unbuckled her bikini top.

Her breasts were now freely exposed to the warm summer breeze.

The two of them had been dating for three months and this was their first trip to the beach together. There was literally no place for them to lay there towels down and set their umbral up. Marina was getting looks from some of the beach goers that she would rather not have. "Only on days when you have heatwaves like this." "Do you think we should have come here earlier? She was 27, but looked youthful enough to pass for a high school senior.

" "We would have had to come at like am to get a good spot. Natalie wore a red bikini that left little to the imagination and give her many envious stares from women all over the beach.

Never the less she was a bit nervous about bringing Scott and Marina there.

Then again they were legal adults and if they didn't like it they could just leave.

His father had bought it for him as a high school graduation gift.She hadn't been there since last summer when she had broken up with her boyfriend.The break up hadn't been anyone's fault things just hadn't worked out.She carried a striped beach bag that held their towels and beach umbrella.While Scott carried a bag of matching design filled with water bottles and snacks.

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