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Teens answer the phones Monday through Friday from 5 pm to 9 pm.After these hours, a CRISISline worker will be there any time--day or night!Non-adult videochat is one of the arguments I'm having to demonstrate that the videochat is something else, that it's an activity like any other and that, unlike many other jobs, it gives you the opportunity to develop countless skills, including communication Non-adult videochat involves mostly conversation, but it also includes sensual moves.Anyone who has or has a life partner knows that sensuality is a powerful weapon for women.

Interested in having a suicide prevention class for your classroom or teen group? If you know where to go and who to turn to, you'll get through everything just fine. Call us at 864-467-8336 and we can guide you through finding the right resources to get you started on the right path. "I don't want to live anymore." "I want to go to sleep and never wake up." "After tomorrow it will all be over." However they say it, hearing a friend or peer threaten suicide is scary. You may not be sure if you should tell someone else or if that betrays your friend's trust. Here are a few tips and pointers: Take every threat seriously. If you or your friend need to talk, please call (864) 467-TEEN(8336) or chat at

TEENline and CRISISline are free and confidential services available to anyone at any time.

Learn more about mental health resources for teens and young adults.

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