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You can find these people anywhere, including on both sides of the GPL/Linux vs BSD general split with each side saying that the other should give up its silly insistence on the GPL or the BSD license.) This attitude is both entitled and quite wrong.Open source licenses are different from each other, in both philosophies and communities.Not Linux or open source in general, nor my day job, but I'm tired of writing cron.weekly. Among my other side gigs/hobbies are DNS Spy, Oh Dear, a newly found love for cryptocurrencies, ... Taking a break will allow me to re-launch it in a way that would fit in my life, in my family and in my hobbies.I hope you enjoyed cron.weekly in the last 2 years.I'm not sure if the motherboard's BIOS defaults to UEFI boot or if I'll have to use the boot menu, but either way I can test it.If the UEFI boot works I can turn on Secure Boot, at which point I will be UEFI-only.I appreciate the faith you had in me by giving me your e-mail address, that information remains closed and guarded. Today I finally assembled the machine that is to be my new office workstation, although I wasn't anywhere near brave enough to change over to using it on a Friday.For the most part I expect the change over to be pretty straightforward, because I'm just going to transplant all of my current disks into it (and then I'll have to make sure the network interface gets the right name, although I have a plan).

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So what if you don't like the specific license some project opted for?People who chose to work with one or another are deliberately choosing to do somewhat different types of work (generally in their free time).To tell these people that these things don't matter and that they should live with different ones is to dictate to them that they should be doing the type of work you want them to be doing, not the type of work they've chosen to do. We are 'obviously correct' about what matters, our opinions are better, and other people should change to follow what we think is important, not what they've chosen.It forced me to stay up-to-date, even if my job didn't directly require or allow it. And a couple 1.000's more that read it via the web or the Reddit posts. But my initial mistake became worse by the week: I called it a to, because I also found a way to monetize my newsletter: sponsors.I won't lie, running cron.weekly has been my most profitable side business to day. But it's no passive income, it requires a newsletter issue every week, on the clock.

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