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Then noticed that the rules are to be formatted into the (According to the So my questions are, does the /rule provide text configured in the config stating the rules of the server?Example: /pex group player rank 10 /pex group member rank 9 (Whatever ones in between) /pex group mod rank 3 /pex group admin rank 2 /pex group owner rank 1 And then add the ladder name, which, by default, is default, so you can add default at the end of all the permissions once you've done that to add them to the ladder.Then you can do /promote The problem you had was you might've not had a ladder, so it could not recognize it. I have a few questions I was wondering if someone could answer.Any help/answers/guidance would be deeply Aaaaaand yet one more question, just tried to search for this but again kept finding general "how to" stuff I already know.Is there a way to give permissions to an entire category of commands ie the General commands?

Now note, I wrote this completely by hand, no template, so there may be issues. Also, it has been reported to me that if you have already editted the original PEX permissions file then you may encounter issues when replace it with and using my

The plugin has a built-in add-ons - Modify World - Allows you to specify which player is allowed to destroy blocks / set and which are not.

Chat Manager - serves as a distributor between the local and global chat, also allows you to decorate Chat - color nick-Neumann and text just add different suffixes and prefixes.

Using the console: To create a group open the console and type: # This is a comment and has no effect groups: Player: default: true prefix: 'Player' suffix: ' ' permissions: Admin: default: false prefix: 'Admin' suffix: ' ' permissions: - '*' users: Your Username: group: - Admin CAUTION: Only the server admin should be entered into the (located in the root directory). Players entered into have complete access to all commands!

The default group (Player) should not get admin permissions (- '*').

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