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For example, if you are having a James Bond party, use games like a ski simulator or a 007 Shootout.Great Idea for a Scavenger Hunt Not rated yet For a great idea for a scavenger hunt..completing the scavenger hunt you have planned,(have both teams end in the same place) have blank, new, white …You'll find on this page a nice long list of some of our favorite party games which have the teenager's "seal of approval! Around the World Grammar Game – Sort of like Madlibs teen party games, but with a twist of coming up with words that start with a certain letter (and you don't have to write anything down! Using the alphabet, come up with phrases that follow the pattern: Verb, noun, place. Keep going until you have only one person left, or until you get tired of it!The first person says “Ate Ants in Alaska”, the second person will have the letter “B” and could say something like “Buy Butterflies in Biloxi”, the next person does "C", and on and on! Birthday Party Games - Board Games - Select some board games that a group can play, such as Trivial Pursuit, Bingo, Twister, Cranium, Catch Phrase, etc.The Dinosaur Game for Girls and Boys Not rated yet The whole part of the dinosaur game is someone hides from the other people and the people wait in a room and when the person hiding says ready they all … Sign up to receive our Easy Party Planner Newsletter directly in your mailbox!Don't worry - your email address is totally secure and I promise to only use it to send you The Easy Party Planner Newsletter.Bocce - Set up your own version of this favorite Italian game. - When you have the right number of people at your party (8 or 12) this game is lots of fun and can be played for hours!

- A great party ice breaker where the activity becomes a gift!Find the Leader Game- This is a great groups game - as a matter of fact, the larger the size of the group, the better!Flashlight Hunt - Played outside, in the dark, with flashlights - a good old-fashioned treasure hunt, but in the dark!At the party, listen to the recordings and have everyone try to guess who they are hearing.Virtual Games - Stock up on Virtual Games that will fit the theme of your party.

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