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With better user experience, Wechat grasps their hearts in this information explosion era.

When users browse friend circle, they could share their interested content to their friend circle, and send it to their friends or check the public account.

Second, try to make your account rank top in the automatic search and optimize your keyword match types.

Wechat official platform only provides a search box for public accounts, giving the initiative totally to Wechat users.

The popularity of the application surpassed that of Skype, Facebook and other apps in early August with no sign of slowing.

The very numerous ways to interact with friends can be counted as one of the reasons for We Chat‘s enduring popularity against competitors such as Whats App, which is second only to Skype in overall popularity when it comes to calling and messaging applications.

When you’ve gone through the sign up process and have signed in successfully, you’ll be ready to start adding friends to chat with.

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According to CNNIC, five major ways of searching a Wechat official account were: keyword, QR code scanning, friend recommendation, friend circle sharing and Weibo enterprise account.

If you decided to Skip this particular step upon startup, you can tap on Contacts on Android or i OS, or simply scroll to the contacts list on Windows Phone.

Depending on which OS you’re on, you’ll see various options available to you, including Recommended, which will give you options for contacts to add based on your phone’s address book.

Scan QR Code allows you to add a user via their We Chat ID without having to type it in.

You can tap this option and try it out by scanning our QR Code to add us to your contacts.

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