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Women and girls as young as 12 from Kenya's countryside are being forced into sex work to support families affected by prolonged drought.

They have little or no education and travel at least 50 kilometers (30 miles) to reach urban areas, working in unsafe conditions far from their homes.

Outreach activities include a mix of clinical care and psychological assistance.

Education on safe sex practices is central to IRC's work, and helping girls look out for one another is another important strategy.

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“For sex workers, the girls engaged in sex work, we are looking for the government to provide for these families for food or safety net programming so that they're able to have resources to be able to take care of their daily needs,” she said.An old problem Child prostitution fueled by poverty is not a new problem in Kenya.In 2008, the United Nations Children's Fund estimated that 30 percent of girls in coastal Kenya were forced into prostitution.The impact of drought on rural communities such as those in Turkana's countryside can be particularly harsh.In addition to soaring food prices, rural families face decimated livestock and diminished crops.

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